Windows Phone Mango coming on September 1? Maybe, maybe not

Windows Phone Mango coming on September 1? Maybe, maybe notThe hot rumour doing the rounds right now is that Microsoft is lining up the long-awaited Mango update to Windows Phone 7 for a surprise launch on September 1.

Apparently multiple sources in the know have confirmed as much, though it seems someone forgot to tell Microsoft VP and Windows Phone boss Joe Belfiore, as he's just dismissed the rumours as just that.

The story first emerged when Pocket-lint quoted “multiple trusted sources” in dropping the September 1 bombshell. The logic, it seems, is that Microsoft could then ride the wave of publicity through the IFA technology show, which kicks off in Berlin the next day, and get Mango up and running before the next iPhone arrives to hog the limelight.

But Belfiore has played down the story, with a single, to-the-point tweet: "Sept 1? Just a rumor."

Of course, that's not quite a flat denial either, so looks like we may just have to wait and see.

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equ  Aug. 14, 2011 at 11:04

Yawn. Is WP7 news yet? Until Nokia handsets arrive, WP7 is a "also ran". One of the problems comming is the big selling point of the Nokia smartphones like the C7 was the great (for a smart phone) battery life. This was partly Symbion and partly CPU, (a modest 680 MHz ARM 11). With the rumered duel core 1.2Ghz cpus its very lightly the battery performance will be terrible, just like any other smart phone, where is the selling point?


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