More Windows Phone Mango details emerge

More Windows Phone Mango details emerge

We know the Mango update to Windows Phone 7 is set to dish up full Internet Explorer integration and true multi-tasking to Microsoft's mobile platform.

However, some new details have now emerged casting further light on the forthcoming major update, and specifically some new Bing services that are being lined up, along with turn-by-turn voice directions for Maps, voice-recognition SMS messaging and podcast support.

We have a new podcast from the Windows Phone Dev team to thank for the new details, and there's a fair bit to mull over.

Bing Audio, for instance, is a Shazam-style music identification service that will automatically direct you to the Marketplace page of a song you're scanning without leaving the Bing window. You can then choose to stream, download or purchase the song you've identified.

Then there's Bing Vision, which uses the phone's camera to scan the likes of QR codes and barcodes and perform contextual searches based on the scanned content.

WMPowerUser has all the details, including screenshots and more info on the other new Mango-flavoured add-ons being prepped for Microsoft's OS later this year.

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agolding  May. 9, 2011 at 11:40

Theres much more just been announced aswell, chat integration aswell, looking gooood


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