No Windows Phone from Nokia for another year

No Windows Phone from Nokia for another yearWe'd forgive you if you said you were looking forward to getting your hands on a Windows Phone 7-powered Nokia. After all, The Two Steves – Ballmer and Elop – were so enthusiastic in announcing the get-together a month ago, and then there was that lovely mockup of a WinPho Nokia that surfaced around then too.

Well, bad news. Your enthusiasm alone is going to have to be enough for you for a long time to come, as a senior Nokia exec has confirmed rumours that Nokia's first Windows Phone is still as much as a year away.

Delays, delays, delays. Microsoft seems to be addicted to them at the moment, with Windows Phone 7's much promised copy-and-paste update still not having headed out the door, and the headlining Mango update now looking in danger of only appearing in 2012, instead of the autumn of this year.

And that – it seems – is scuppering Nokia's own plans to turn around its reputation as a slow releaser of new products, as its hardware plans are being based around that Mango-updated version of Windows Phone.

Nokia's India boss D Shivakumar has confirmed as much in comments reported by India's DNA, saying the first WinPho Nokia will take roughly a year to get out of the door, and in the meantime the company has 40-50 other handsets lined up worldwide, including around 20 Symbian smartphones.

Looking at the repercussions of the Microsoft partnership from a global perspective, Shivakumar says Nokia's worldwide reputation will open doors for Windows Phone.

“Microsoft has been looking for a strong hardware partner, but they have been on phones [platforms] which has not given them that strength. With Nokia, suddenly the scales are huge,” the Nokia man reasoned.

“So, for the first time in many a markets, people will get used to a Windows mobile phone thanks to the Nokia tie-up.”

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 15, 2011 at 12:44

A year for competitors to reassess their 'deal' with Microsoft... This may end up breaking WP7 OR it may lead to more variety, softened hardware requirements etc etc... Obviously Nokia are kind of starting from 'scratch', but the companies that already released WP7 phones have a level of experience with the OS, and now this deal has given them a 'bargaining' chip - "give us a bit of a break, or we may just jump ship".

Could become a lot more interesting. And I like MS under pressure :p


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