Windows Phone shares HTC Facebook event. Mango anyone?

Windows Phone shares HTC Facebook event. Mango anyone?Remember the HTC UK Facebook event we wrote about last week? The Windows Phone UK team has posted its own link to the event, suggesting there might be a significant Micro-presence.

We’re not entirely sure what HTC has in store, though it promises to show us “what’s next”.

We’re still waiting to hear if the HTC Prime and Ignite are coming out over here. We first heard about them way back in the middle of March.

There’s also the HTC Bresson, named after renowned French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. Fittingly, it’s thought to have a ludicrous 16MP camera.

And what about the HTC Omega and Eternity? They’re both said to have 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processors and 8MP cameras, but the big difference is the screen size. The HTC Omega is 3.8in, while the HTC Eternity is a monstrous 4.7in. All unofficial of course.

HTC’s event takes place at an as-yet-unconfirmed venue in London on September 1, so... a week on Thursday.

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