Windows Phone already supports NFC

Windows Phone already supports NFCAccording to UK mobile network bigwigs, Near Field Communication (NFC) is the future of everything, and before long will make your wallet and your freakin’ keys obsolete; all you’ll need when you go out is your phone. Hmm.

Now we’re hearing from Microsoft and Nokia folk that NFC is coming soon, just as soon as manufacturers can be bothered to implement it.

Microsoft’s Will Coleman told TechRadar: "As far as I'm aware, NFC is supported by [Windows Phone], but needs to be enabled by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). So, if any OEM wants to enable it, that can be done by all means.

"Think it's just about timing, in the not too distant future there are some exciting things that will be coming through with NFC from Microsoft."

Keith Varty, Nokia’s head of apps and partnerships, adds: "NFC isn't an if, it's a when, it will happen. Obviously there's no NFC on our launch devices, so it's difficult to comment too much on that, but the main divisions between secure and non-secure [NFC] mean there's bags of opportunity for the technology, especially with so many operators launching services.

"We need to get a [Windows Phone] device into the marketplace with NFC capabilities, and when we do we can really start to showcase our services.”

I ask again: Where will I keep my mountain of receipts if I don’t have a wallet?

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