Windows Phone Tango limitations detailed

Windows Phone Tango limitations detailedThe Nokia Lumia 610 made history at Mobile World Congress last week as the world’s first Windows Phone Tango handset.

While Tango will crucially expose Windows Phone to a whole new market, it’s hard for us nerds to get excited about, as Tango actually lowers the minimum requirements for WP handsets.

Windows Phone Tango welcomes phones with a modest 256MB of RAM, raising concerns about the introduction of fragmentation (not quite on the same scale as Android, granted), and now Microsoft has detailed exactly how that’ll affect things in the real world. Check it:

  • Some processor hogs on the Windows Marketplace will simply be incompatible with Windows Phone Tango devices with 256MB of RAM
  • Video podcasts and podcast subscriptions are a no-no
  • Bing Local Scout, which recommends nearby restaurants and that, will be disabled
  • Fast App Switching (FAS) will be available, but only for apps demanding less than 90MB. The greedy guys won’t benefit from fast-resume
  • Skydrive pictures won’t be uploaded automatically, however manual upload is coolio
  • Certain HD video codecs won’t be supported by Windows Phone Tango's 256MB devices
  • Background agent functionality will be removed

In order to try and minimise fragmentation (if you can call it that), Microsoft has added a massive post to the Windows Phone Developer Blog called Optimizing Apps for Lower Cost Devices. Good stuff.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 9, 2012 at 15:00

Their featurephone sales were doen 10 million in 2011... so maybe they'll manage to sell 10 million dumb phones instead?


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