Windows Phone the top mobile platform for advertisers

Windows Phone the top mobile platform for advertisersSo what's the best mobile platform for advertising? iOS, obviously, or Android, yes?

Er, no. Actually it's Windows Phone 7. Turns out advertisers are finding Mango to be a pretty sweet taste, with the Microsoft platform scoring the highest click-through rate average of all the mobile OSes during the third quarter.

According to mobile advertising network Smaato, Windows Phone enjoys a click-through rate 56% higher than the average, maintaining a lead it has held throughout 2011, ahead of Symbian, RIM, iOS and Android.

So what makes WinPho such an attractive platform for advertisers?

“While everybody talks about Google and Android as the only platforms out there, what we see from the data is that the bigger the platform is, sometimes the engagement level goes down,” says Smaato co-founder Harald Neidhardt.

“For advertisers, if you want to get noticed consider Windows Phone and other platforms because you might get noticed more,” he added.

No, we don't think that answers the question particularly well either, but then again we are talking about advertising here – an industry that often defies the rules of logic.

We'd take a wager that Windows Phone is now just the right age and has just the right level of penetration to hit the right balance between exclusivity and familiarity. In other words, it's a trusted brand but not an over-subscribed one (a theory that would explain why Android, the most popular platform with end users, is the least effective with advertisers).

Via TechCrunch

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Stelph  Dec. 2, 2011 at 13:04

Hmm could it be with fewer apps etc the users of Windows Phone 7 click on the adverts just for something to do? :p

JanSt / MOD  Dec. 2, 2011 at 13:35

I was gonna say the same :p
Similar "study" was published a few months ago, and the consensus was indeed that new WP7 users are googling like crazy for things to enjoy their device...


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