Windows Phone's eggs increasingly just in Nokia's basket

Windows Phone's eggs increasingly just in Nokia's basketA bunch of new stats have emerged from AdDuplex revealing Nokia accounts for eight of the 10 most popular Windows Phones globally, with the Lumia 920 now the most used WP device on the planet.

But with HTC the only other manufacturer getting a look-in, it begs the question: is Nokia's Windows Phone dominance holding back the Microsoft platform's wider development?

Looking at the figures, which are based on ad impressions from AdDuplex across nearly 500 Windows Phone apps, we can see only HTC's Windows Phone 8X and 8S break the Nokia Lumia monopoly in the overall top 10.

The first thought that raises is where's Samsung? The Samsung Ativ S doesn't make the top 10 at all, and while it may well be tucked in just behind the Nokia Lumia 822 in 11th place, considering that means 3% or less of the overall Windows Phone market, it's nothing to be happy about.

The second point is how can one manufacturer's complete dominance of the platform be good for Windows Phone? Clearly Samsung's interest is moderate at best, despite the fanfare that accompanied the launch of the ATIV S in the Autumn last year, simply because nothing has happened since then.

And despite all the talk of entry-level interest from a range of Chinese OEMs, all of them plus Samsung plus the rest of Nokia's Lumia catalogue and everyone else together account for just 18% of the total Windows Phone user base.

With Windows Phone itself still in single figures on the wider smartphone scale, the figures just aren't good enough to expect anyone except Nokia and HTC to be investing in marketing and development on the platform. And neither of them is exactly rolling in cash right now.

We know Nokia's future depends on Windows Phone, but Microsoft has backed itself into a corner by effectively making Windows Phone's survival dependent on Nokia.

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Stelph  Apr. 10, 2013 at 12:32

"is Nokia's Windows Phone dominance holding back the Microsoft platform's wider development? "

Surely only in the same way that Samsungs dominace with Android is holding back Android? (i.e. not that much really).

I am surpirsed that Nokia is the number one tho, and the 920 at that! Usually the cheaper versions of the phone sell the most like the HTC 8S or the Nokia 620, I would suggest that means Windows Phone 8 is not appealing to the budget range of customers which does not bode well for microsoft. Seems like its only Nokia fans that are keeping it alive

cornerofthemoon  Apr. 13, 2013 at 14:37

MS will probably purchase Nokia at some point.


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