Windows and Windows Phone roadmap leaked

Windows and Windows Phone roadmap leakedA roadmap purportedly showing a timeline for various Microsoft products has been leaked via good old Twitter.

There’s lots of stuff in there about Internet Explorer and Windows Server and that, but the part we’re interested in, of course, is Nokia’s “primary smartphone platform” – Windows Phone. Boom!

There’s a little something in 2011 called ‘Windows Phone v. Next’ which we now know to be Mango – Windows Phone 7.5.

It’s followed by something called ‘Future Investments’ in Q3ish of 2012, which is quite possibly Windows Phone 8 or ‘Apollo’.

Finally, getting into 2013, we’ve got ‘Historical Release Cadence: Yearly’. Uhm…

The leak comes courtesy of a tweet from Maarten Visser, a Business Development and Information Architect. Er, am I supposed to know who this guy is? Maybe Jan can shed some light.

Windows Phone Apollo is tipped to arrive later this year, and we recently heard that existing apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace will be compatible.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 13, 2012 at 11:09

Light-shedding wasn't in my job description... But NO, I have no idea who he is. If he doesn't either, it's 3 - nil... bad times :p

Update: I googled 'him'... no light shed, either...


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