WinPho 7 sales: 674,000 by end of 2010?

WinPho 7 sales: 674,000 by end of 2010?Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer can talk a good game, and Windows Phone 7 looks to be playing hard to claim that prized third spot in the mobile OS pecking order behind iOS and Android.

But the big question, of course, is just how many Windows Phone 7 devices have actually been sold? Into that murky mire has strode the intrepid Eldar Murtazin, and he has a figure for us: 674,000.

Well, that's how many WP7 devices he reckons had found their way into consumers' hands by the end of 2010, which considering when the platform actually launched can be taken as a Q4 sales figure.

So far Microsoft has largely kept quiet thus far regarding WinPho 7 sales, and with reasonable justification too. It simply licences the OS to phone manufacturers, so can justifiably claim that it actually doesn't know how many actual phones have been sold, even if the truth is no doubt a little different.

Ballmer has been willing to share licence sales figures, and his figure by the end of 2010 was sitting at around 1.5 million. So to have turned just under half of those licences into actual end product sales? That actually sounds about right to us, even if Murtazin (as usual) isn't sharing where his info has come from.

Via PhoneArena

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JanSt / MOD  May. 4, 2011 at 10:30

For once, i reckon he might be right.
Our O2 shop sold 1. In October. To me. And I returned it.
The 2 Vodafone shops in town sold 1, and 2 indie shops: zero.
And check Expansys ;)
While other phones released around the same time as the first WP7 batch have held their prices, you can get WP7 phones by Samsung and LG a good bit reduced.
I have seen more people with Bada phones, Pres and Pixis than people with WP7 devices.
I know, I know, this isn't more 'scientific' than Murtazin's 'findings', but come on ;)
And lets not forget: even the 1.5 mill figure is sad! We are talking holiday season - Nov/Dec means up to 70% of annual sales.
Without Microsoft's stubborn dollar-cloud to keep the hype alive, WP7 would rest in peace side by side with Samsung's Croix UI, and the Best of Rick Astley.
My suspicion is: MS don't even care all that much. Taking out a European OS competitor - there's the real 'deal' ;) THEN, and only the lets brush up Vista. Ahem...wp7. A direct line to Gartner helps, too.


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