WinPho update hit by another delay

WinPho update hit by another delay

When Microsoft went about naming the first serious update to Windows Phone 7, it rather coyly settled on the name NoDo, which is short for “No Donuts” – a reference to the fact that it doesn't plan a series of incremental updates like with Google's Android.

But with teething problems just getting WinPho devices primed for the update, and continuing delays to the big rollout itself, maybe it's time to change NoDo to NoCanDo.

Windows Phone blog WMPowerUser has just spotted a new post [in French] on Microsoft's official French blog of all places announcing that the NoDo update will only be heading out in the second half of March.

Admittedly, the second half of March is only a few days away, but that's unlikely to matter to WinPho users who have been waiting patiently for the update for what seems like ages now.

Consensus was – once dreams of a February release were dashed – that we'd be talking about the first couple of weeks in March, which is right about now, really.

But of course then the pre-update fiasco that bricked a bunch of Samsung Windows Phones descended, no doubt keeping Microsoft a little bit busier than it might have thought. All that just to give the green light to some copy and paste action.

It's been a rocky few weeks for Microsoft's OS – lest we forget, that data slurping issue Microsoft tried to pin on Yahoo Mail is not officially fixed yet either.

We suspect Nokia might secretly be glad it doesn't have any WinPho handsets on the market just yet.

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