WinPho7 update only coming in March?

WinPho7 update only coming in March?They've only just teamed up but it seems Nokia's bad habits are already rubbing off on new mobile buddy Microsoft. You remember that Windows Phone 7 update we were expecting this month? Looks like it'll only be heading out over the air next month instead.

Of course, Microsoft itself never set a specific date down for when the promised update would be heading out over the air. Back at CES, the company promised something "in the next few months", but consensus was it would be February, and certainly no later than Mobile World Congress.

And to be fair, Microsoft has been a little distracted by shoring up its and Nokia's future with the big 'strategic alliance' announced earlier today, so it's no surprise a little cut and paste action for Windows Phone 7 has been sidelined just a little.

The word on the web is that March 8 now is the most likely date for the WinPho7 update - or so says ZDNet anyhow.

Microsoft's insistence in having a co-ordinated rollout to all WinPho7 carriers simultaneously is said to be behind the delay. From the start, the company made it clear that it wanted to avoid the fragmented update system that has been one of the few clear criticisms of the Android platform. The Windows Phone 7 update is even codenamed "NoDo" - a reference to Android's first ever update Donut.

Most likely we'll hear something from Microsoft itself next week at Mobile World Congress, but it looks like you WinPho7-lovers are just gonna have to wait a bit longer for your pair of cut and paste scissors.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 11, 2011 at 14:11

If they manage to provide updates on the same day for all WP7 phones on all networks, I will do Ballmer's hair extensions for one year... hold. your. breath.


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