WinPho's market share on the slide

WinPho's market share on the slideMicrosoft certainly talks a good game when it comes to Windows Phone 7, claiming it has a bright future and is a viable “third ecosystem” alongside Android and iOS – especially now that Nokia has committed its smartphone future to the platform.

But back at the ranch things are a little different. The latest stats from comScore show that not only is WinPho's market share still stuck in single figures, but it's actually going down.

comScore's quarterly market share figures for the US show the now familiar pattern of Android making serious gains, iOS rolling along nicely and RIM losing ground quite rapidly.

The three months ending in April saw Google's now-dominant platform jump 5.2% to a 36.4% share overall, while iOS rose from 24.7% to 26%.

That now puts Apple ahead of RIM in second place, with the latter shedding nearly 5% to drop to a 25.7% share of the market.

As for Microsoft, the lack of new handsets running the platform over the past few months is starting to show, as just 6.7% of US smartphone buyers chose a Windows Phone during the quarter – that's down from 8% over the holiday season.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 5, 2011 at 11:57

Lets see...
I don't 'like' wp7 as it is, and I abhor Microsoft. But I guess a reality check's in order regardless. In 2009 various commentatore declared Android 'underwhelming' and then some. Most famously, PCmag's chief 'analyst' Sasha Sagan called it 'already dead'...
Also, it's worth noting that winmo 6.1 and 6.5 were very very competent smartphone OS's. The problem was that they were ahead of their time in terms of hardware requirements. It took years and HTC's HD2 to fully utilize its strengths - an analogy would be GTA San Andreas which was the first and last and only PS2 game to really squeeze every bit of power out of the PS2.

So, as much as I love hatin' MS, WP7 may well 'come back' to kick some 'droid clone army butt.
Which, ahem, is the day when I quit mobiles, but that's for another blog :p


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