Wozniak: Siri was better before Apple

Wozniak: Siri was better before AppleIt’s been a while since Steve Wozniak received his monthly paycheque from Apple, but that certainly hasn’t stopped the co-founder being outspoken about all things Cupertino – good or bad.

While the iPhone is Steve’s favourite, Woz reckons Siri was better before Apple came along and screwed it up.

The comments come from a two-minute video interview posted by timesunion.com, filmed while Steve was visiting his namesake - Woz the rescue horse - at Peaceful Acres Farms. No, I didn’t make that up.

Steve explains: “I start[ed] telling everyone I knew and speaking around the world about how this was the future of computing, speaking things in normal ways, feeling like you’re talking to a human.”

However, no one cared until Apple came along and made Siri cool. And also broke it.

Asked to provide an example of how Siri performed better prior to Apple, he explains that it could display the five biggest lakes in California or list prime numbers greater than 87.

Now, when Steve performs those searches on the iPhone 4S, it comes up with lakefront properties for sale and prime ribs.

Steve reckons voice recognition across all the platforms will get “better and better and better”, and eventually recognise, for example, saying “five – I mean six” effectively means “six”.

An improved Siri was one of the features talked about at the iOS 6 keynote, and it’ll also make the jump to the third gen iPad.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 15, 2012 at 12:11

Eye-opening. {>_<}


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