WSJ: iPad mini mass production imminent

WSJ: iPad mini mass production imminentThere’s no shortage of iPad mini rumours on the cyberweb. Everyone and his dog is predicting a 7.85in iPad mini will appear later in the year. Meh.

However, when the Wall Street Journal steps in, we tend to leave the salt to the side. Ye olde WSJ reckons the iPad mini is about to go into mass production.

The Wall Street Journal credits “people familiar with the situation”. They’re claiming that the iPad mini will “likely be smaller than eight inches”. Yeah, anything larger than that wouldn’t make much sense, given that the existing iPads are 9.7in.

“Officials at the component suppliers” (who declinded to be named, natch) add that Apple has told them to prepare for imminent mass production of the iPad mini.

One source suggests that the iPad mini display will be provided by LG (South Korea) and AU Optronics (Taiwan). Hmm, not Sharp then?

Analysts believe an attractively priced iPad mini is required in order for Apple to maintain its dominance in the burgeoning tablet arena. Last week, Google and Asus announced the Nexus 7, a budget 7in tablet weighing in at half the price of the iPad.

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