WSJ: ZTE loves wearable tech, get ready for ‘smartphone-connected shoes’

WSJ: ZTE loves wearable tech, get ready for ‘smartphone-connected shoes’As I mentioned earlier today when rambling on about the LG Flex 2, wearable tech is very much expected to become the Next Big Thing. Not that consumers are crying out for it or anything, but still.

In addition to a smartwatch, Chinese manufacturer ZTE says it’s contemplating further wearable tech, including smart glasses and “smartphone-connected shoes”. Brilliant.

That’s the word according to The Wall Street Journal, following an interview with Lu Qianhao, head of ZTE’s marketing strategy for handsets.

The first ZTE smartwatch will follow in the same vein as the Samsung Galaxy Gear, with very limited compatibility i.e. restricted to ZTE’s own smartphones. As such, it doesn’t come as much surprise to hear that the unnamed device will stick to China when it’s eventually released.

Looking ahead, however, ZTE would like to release a smartwatch that’s compatible with all Android smartphones, and possibly creep into Europe and the US.

As for those “smartphone-connected shoes”, they’ll supposedly be beneficial for “healthcare purposes”. Bit fancier than LA Gear Lights.

ZTE seems to think wearable tech is the key to reversing its ailing fortunes, having slipped from 10% Chinese smartphone market share in 3Q12 to just 5% in 3Q13. Yeah, wearable tech is the answer. Obviously.

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