WWDC 2011: Apple confirms iOS 5.0 and iCloud incoming, no new iPhone

WWDC 2011: Apple confirms iOS 5.0 and iCloud incoming, no new iPhone

Bloody Apple. Rumour-mongers everywhere have been having a great old time predicting what'll be unveiled at the Worldwide Developer Congress next week, and Apple only goes and officially confirms all the details.

It's not too much of a surprise, either: the smart money was already on iOS 5.0 and iCloud breaking cover, so that's no surprise, while unless Steve Jobs has a cunning “one more thing” moment up his sleeve, it looks like there'll be no iPhone hardware announcement.

Apple's press release to announce the lineup of goodies heading our way next week puts the focus very much on software – in fact, the headline says it all: “Apple to unveil next generation software at keynote address on Monday, June 6.”

That next-gen software takes three flavours: iOS 5.0 – the next version of Apple's mobile OS for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Mac OS Lion – the long-awaited update to Apple's desktop OS, and iCloud – the all-new upcoming cloud services offering.

While there's bound to be plenty of interest in all three, it's iCloud that's likely to attract the biggest spotlight as we wait to hear what twist Apple has lined up for its cloud services platform.

We know a music subscription service based around iTunes is on its way, while we're also expecting a wider revamp to MobileMe, but as for the rest, it remains to be seen what Apple has in store.

There's no mention at all in the Apple press release of any hardware announcement at all. And while that rings true enough for an event that's after all a developer conference, and so centred around software, we're also sure everyone will be following Steve Jobs' keynote to the very end. Just in case.

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