Xiaomi coming to America… NEXT WEEK?!

Xiaomi coming to America… NEXT WEEK?!Xiaomi is making some of the hottest phones in mobile right now, though we’d made our peace with the idea that it might take “years” before the Chinese manufacturer made an assault on the west.

But wait! Now we’re told Xiaomi is holding an event next week in San Francisco. What the…? Is Xiaomi, like the Prince of Zamunda, coming to America?

That’s the story over on Android Headlines, which credits anonymous “sources at Xiaomi”.

According to said sources, Xiaomi, the world’s number five smartphone manufacturer, will hold an event on February 12, one week from tomorrow.

Alas, the sources neglect to mention what the heck Xiaomi’s US excursion entails. Are we talking a product launch? Or the announcement of some sort of network partnership?

To date, Xiaomi has largely focused on its home turf of China, and surrounding territories including – most notably – India, though Bloomberg Business recently reported that the Chinese manufacturer was eyeing up Russia.

Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s VP of International who – ironically – used to work in California for some company called Google, recently said it’d take “a few years” before Xiaomi approached western markets. Was he merely trying to throw us off the scent?

Full story next week. In the meantime, check out the Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, and the Best Chinese smartphones 2015.

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Treab  Feb. 5, 2015 at 01:47

Course they will still have to impress the american people/government who have concerns about the chinese red dragon spying on them....


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