Is this the Xiaomi Mi5 Plus, launching tomorrow?

Is this the Xiaomi Mi5 Plus, launching tomorrow?It’s Chinese smartphone mania at the moment, with the Oppo R1C having launched earlier today, the Oppo U3 supposedly touching down any minute, and Xiaomi holding a launch event tomorrow.

Xiaomi (nickname: “China’s Apple”) is tipped to bring more than one phone to tomorrow’s launch event, and here we’re seeing something called the Xiaomi Mi5 Plus for the first time.

The official Xiaomi word search (you heard me) appears to suggest we’ll meet a bigger, faster, lighter version of the Note, likely the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2.

However, the presence of two hands in an accompanying image suggests we might – might – meet two new Xiaomi smartphones.

The other candidate is the much-discussed Xiaomi Mi5 flagship (the word search includes MI; coincidence?), but this so-called Xiaomi Mi5 Plus is a new one.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot to go on at the moment, just a picture tweeted by @leaksfly, and simply: “Xiaomi Mi5 plus”. TELL US MORE.

To be honest, we’re not getting our hopes up for the Xiaomi Mi5 tomorrow, and that makes the Xiaomi Mi5 Plus even less likely to appear - if it even exists.

Some recent Xiaomi teasing gels with the notion of an Mi5-less launch event. The Chinese manufacturer writes NOT5 NOTE (check it out on GizmoChina), which probably means not the Mi5, the Note. Probably.

In any case, we’ll have the full story from Xiaomi’s launch event as soon as we wake up tomorrow.

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