Xperia Play finally lands on O2 in choice of black or white

Xperia Play finally lands on O2 in choice of black or whiteO2 has finally started selling the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play after sorting out a software glitch that had delayed the gaming phone's release for two months.

The network had been promising an early-June launch, but it seems things have gone better than planned and O2 customers can get their hands on the PlayStation phone - including the exclusive white version - a week ahead of schedule.

The Xperia Play was originally supposed to launch on the network at the end of March, but O2 made a late decision not to push ahead after discovering “bugs in the software” - despite the fact that other carriers were willing to go ahead with the Gingerbread gaming smartphone.

The handset comes free in black or the O2-exclusive white on deals starting at £37 per month, for which you'll get 900 minutes, unlimited texts and the usual 500MB quota of monthly data. Alternatively, you can get the pain over with in one shot and nab the Xperia Play on pay as you go for £429.99.

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quidditys_shore  May. 29, 2011 at 15:08

i have had this phone for nearly 2 months now & love it!

i was on O2 & wanted this phone, but they just didnt keep me up to date with what was happening so i went to tmobile. free phone, 24 month contract with 600 mins, 500 texts & 500MB internet for £25.54 a month.

i cant see any reason at all for the delay. yes its a little glitchy but new gadgets always are (& nowhere near as glitchy as my iphone 3G was!).


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