How can I zoom out on the iPhone homescreen?

Can I somehow zoom out on the iPhone homescreen and see my different homescreens i.e. to save me swiping along several screens at a time?

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 25, 2014 at 15:59

No. You cannot zoom out to see all your homescreens on iOS devices - neither iPhones nor iPad.
There are only 3 ways to achieve that: a) buy an Android phone b) Connect you iPhone to iTunes via USB cable and open the phone tab in iTunes and hit the Apps tab... NOW you see all your homescreens :p Totally useful, eh ;)
c) jailbreak. There's a tweak for that in Cydia, but I do not know if that was updated for iOS 8.x.x

You can of course change your layouts: instead of x amount of apps per homescreen, put all the apps from a homescreen into a folder. And have all those folders on the 1st or 2nd homescreen. Your main apps in the dock. Boom, done...

There are also a few launcher apps in the Appstore. They are not Android type launchers. But they are apps that open up a kind of homescreen/quicklauncher. Within the app you can create some shortcuts to your favourite apps. Search for 'launcher' or 'quicklaunch' etc in the Appstore.

Lastly: look at your mess. And think: when have you last used each and everyone of those apps? Do it. Be surprised when your brain starts to sizzle from the effort. Delete what you haven't used in 2 weeks. Then delete what you haven't used in a week... It takes a minute to get all those useless apps back from an iTunes backup. I found myself looking at phones with over 100 apps. The owners often had no idea what those apps were!


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