ZTE aiming for Apple/Samsung-level consumer awareness

ZTE aiming for Apple/Samsung-level consumer awarenessWhen it comes to the world’s top smartphone manufacturers, ZTE is hovering somewhere just outside the Top 5, nipping the heels of Lenovo and LG.

Ask your average guy in the UK about ZTE smartphones and chances are he’ll answer with a bewildered stare, but the Chinese manufacturer hopes to raise its brand awareness to the lofty heights of Apple and Samsung.

That’s the word according to ZTE's executive vice-president Zeng Xuezong, who recently spoke to Reuters.

While Chinese smartphone manufacturers threaten to take over the world (Huawei and Lenovo are already in the Top 5), Xuezong acknowledges the “gap between the brand awareness of Chinese companies and those top global brands”.

So how does one go about raising that awareness? Answer: by continuing to churn out premium handsets like the ZTE Nubia Z5, pumping money into marketing, and embracing 4G.

"After our efforts in the past two years, I believe our brand awareness and approval rating from customers could rival those of Apple and Samsung in China," purrs an optimistic Xuezong.

Talking figures, ZTE aims to ship over 60 million handsets in 2014, rising to 80 million in 2015. That’d represent a steady growth from the 40 million shipped in 2013.

And while the US remains suspicious of its Chinese cousins, ZTE hopes to capture 10% of the US smartphone market by 2017.

Lofty goals indeed. Good luck to you, sirs.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 10, 2014 at 16:05

The brand awareness and consumer satisfaction of Samsung Galaxy Ace users?


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