Get a ZTE Blade S6 16GB for just £169.99

Get a ZTE Blade S6 16GB for just £169.99

ZTE Blade S6 16GB is currently £169.99 from Amazon

The price for the ZTE Blade S6 seems to be dropping to the £170 mark every now and then, and it's Amazon's turn to do so this time, making this deal a notable one for Prime members. The Blade S6 isn't exactly a looker, with critics panning its lacklustre casing, but it more than makes up for it some great performance under the hood, powered by Android's Lollipop OS. It also features dual-sim functionality, which is ideal for those of you with a second sim card. Thanks to underscore77 @ HUKD!

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TROYBOY79  May. 21, 2015 at 17:09

isnt this what the price always was?? lol.


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