ZTE Blade Q: available in three size options from the start

ZTE Blade Q: available in three size options from the startZTE is known for making smartphones that pack plenty of bang for your buck, but with the latest Blade Q the company has displayed another oft-overlooked quality: common sense.

That's because rather than do the standard thing and drip-feed multiple versions of effectively the same handset over a period of months, it's gotten the whole thing out the way up front.

Instead of a single Blade Q, ZTE has announced three of them: the 4in Blade Q Mini, the 4.5in Blade Q, and the 5in Blade Q Maxi.

Not only has ZTE spared us the toil of having to find more words to write about a barely-different twist on the same basic concept in a couple of months time, it gets bonus points for making its Mini/Maxi variations what they should actually be: alternatives whose specs differ solely where it's necessary because of the size difference.

In this case that means the Mini's 4in display is a 480 x 800 panel, and there's a 1500mAh battery, while the Blade Q and the Blade Q Maxi get a 480 x 854 resolution, and 1800mAh and 2000mAh of battery capacity respectively.

Otherwise, though, it's the same formula on all three: a dual-core 1.3GHz Cortex-A7 processor with Mali-400 graphics and 1GB of RAM, 5MP/VGA cameras, 4GB of expandable storage and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

In other words, nothing special, but well done to ZTE for showing others (*ahem* Samsung *ahem* HTC) that this whole business doesn't need to be complicated.

That said, while ZTE says its trio of Blade Q handsets are destined for Europe, there's no word as of now on when they'll get here, or what they'll cost.

Via GSMArena

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