ZTE Grand S poses for the cameras ahead of CES 2013 unveiling

ZTE Grand S poses for the cameras ahead of CES 2013 unveilingThe second half of 2012 has seen the concept of the 5in full HD smartphone go from a rarity to one of the most oversubscribed niches as one after another a stream of candidates has crossed our radars like a slow-advancing army of big-screened copycat clones.

Today we focus on the ZTE Z753, or the Grand S, which we've already made mention of as a mystery new high-end device being lined up to launch at CES 2013 next month.

The ZTE Grand S imagery has been put out via Weibo to support the brief description already present on the CES 2013 website:

“ZTE's first FHD smartphone is also the world's thinnest for 5-inch FHD smartphones.

“Made of ceramic and featuring traditional Chinese style, the Grand S is the perfect phone for the fashionable set.”

Leaving aside the slightly annoying attempt to make “FHD” (full HD) a recognised Thing, the most notable point the brief description seems to make is the attempt to talk up the concept of “traditional Chinese style”.

While the notion behind it is certainly laudable, the mainstream European and North American smartphone buyer is more likely to associate “unknown” (and please note the deliberate punctuation) Chinese brands like ZTE with affordability rather than style.

The point being that the ZTE Grand S will get a long way by being slender and perfect for the “fashionable set”, but it'll get much further if it can combine that with a cheaper price tag than rival full HD five-inchers from the likes of HTC, Sony and Huawei.

ZTE probably knows as much too, but affordability doesn't sound as good in a corporate blurb.

Ultimately, if the ZTE Grand S is slim, stylish and affordable, you certainly won't hear us complaining. We'll know more when CES rolls around in a couple of weeks.

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