ZTE set to push the phablet envelope with the 5.7in L945

ZTE set to push the phablet envelope with the 5.7in L945Those big-screened phablets may not be everyone's cup of tea, but even those who don't think phones should have screens the other side of 5 inches are probably a little surprised at just how many of the things are now hitting the market.

And here's another: ZTE has just launched the 5in Z5, but that's a baby compared to the L945, which looks set to weigh in with a 5.7in panel later this year.

It won't be a 1080p screen, though. According to regular mobile natterer @evleaks, the source of both the image you see here and the specs that go with it, the ZTE L945 will only feature a 720p panel, though that still delivers a more-than-respectable 258ppi pixel density.

The processor also looks set to fall a bit short of the mark set by the Z5. You still get quad-core, but clocked at 1.2GHz rather than 1.5GHz. It's a similar story with the camera, which is an 8MP unit (plus a 1MP front-facer), while the 3,000mAh battery is probably necessary given that oversized display.

This Android 4.x bruiser looks set to hit China Mobile within the next few months, but given the greater-than-expected popularity of phablets in general, don't be surprised to see it or something very similar heading closer to home sometime around the summer.

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