ZTE Skate slips back to Q3

ZTE Skate slips back to Q3The ZTE Skate first raised its cheeky head at Mobile World Congress last month, and the Chinese telecoms dudes suggested we’d see it in May in the UK. Now, as revealed in an exclusive chat with Pocket-lint, ZTE reckons it’ll be “early” in Q3 before we get our hands on it.

ZTE are behind the hugely popular and awesomely-named ZTE Blade, known as the Orange San Francisco in the UK. It's widely regarded as the best of the budget Android handsets. You can pick one up for less than £100.

It’s not clear if the new ZTE Skate will be similarly rebranded, though ZTE is said to be keen on raising brand awareness in the UK.

The ZTE Skate has a 4.3in screen, 800MHz processor and 5MP camera, and will ship with Gingerbread. If it’s priced as competitively as the Orange San Francisco, it could be a huge seller.

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cicobuff  Mar. 21, 2011 at 19:16

I guess there is nothing wrong with the company getting another boatload of sales of the ever popular ZTE Blade in the meantime.

ZTE have clearly proved themselves against the likes of Alcatel and Huawei in the budget mobile telecomms market, and going from strength to strength in Europe.


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