Does ZTE's Grand S Ext get you hot under the collar?

Does ZTE's Grand S Ext get you hot under the collar?

If the creepy LG Flex ad hasn't put you off flexible smartphones for good, there should soon be another bendy blower vying for your attention in the ZTE Grand S Ext.

That name might have you thinking about curves of an altogether different nature, but for ZTE it's all about the chassis and a process called Nano Moulding Technology (NMT).

The Chinese firm says the Grand S Ext will be the first smartphone to be manufactured using NMT – which sees plastic and metal injected into the mould simultaneously to create a material that is easy to cut and manipulate, lighter overall and cheaper to produce, yet is still durable with a high quality finish.

You can see the results for yourself in a couple of renders of the ZTE Grand S Ext that have appeared on the RedDot 21 design directory.

While the angle of the phone in the images shows off little else but the curved chassis, the Grand S Ext does come across as easy on the eye – more so than the LG Flex, for our money. And since they were posted under ZTE's official account, we can assume the images are genuine too.

There aren't any specs to accompany the images, so we've no idea what the Grand S Ext will bring to the table apart from its curvy body, or when it's likely to be released.

But we do get this triumph of linguistic gymnastics:

“Smart dock, as a stand could be a power storage and wireless battery charging, thought the connection between magnet and mobile phone, a variety of ways could linked them together.”

Glad you cleared that up for us, ZTE.

Via Unwired View

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