ZTE's first Nubia X6 batch takes just 9.8 seconds to sell out

ZTE's first Nubia X6 batch takes just 9.8 seconds to sell outWe've covered Xiaomi's rapid-fire smartphone shifting efforts in the past, and now fellow Chinese firm ZTE is increasingly getting in on the act too.

Fresh from shifting 50,000 Grand S II's in 58 seconds last month, ZTE now reckons its first batch of Nubia X6 handsets took a ludicrous 9.8 seconds to sell out, with China's phablet-hungry masses clearly keen on the high-specced 6.4-incher.

Or that's what ZTE is suggesting, anyway. It says nothing about just how many units were actually released in the batch. If it's 100,000 then fair enough, we're impressed. If it's only 100, not so much.

We're prepared to give ZTE the benefit of the doubt to some extent, because the Nubia X6 does sound pretty mighty. The full HD 6.4in display is accompanied by a quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, dual 13MP cameras (the front-facer even has auto-focus), plus a massive 4250mAh battery capacity.

The unlucky few/many who didn't manage to secure a unit from the initial batch will have another chance on Tuesday 27 May, though again ZTE isn't telling us just how many Nubia X6's it'll be setting loose.

Via GizChina

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