Zuckerberg: Facebook to focus on mobile

Zuckerberg: Facebook to focus on mobileAs an unashamed regular user of Facebook, I could write an essay detailing the many flaws and niggles in both the Android and iOS apps. It’s all too often an infuriating experience, with crashes aplenty.

You can imagine my relief, then, on hearing that Team Zuckerberg is set to focus on its mobile apps going forward.

Not surprising news at all, to be fair. Facebook reckoned it had 432 million regular users as of December 2011, with 58 million logging in exclusively through their smartphones and tablets. Mobile use was up 76% from 2010 to 2011.

As well as improving the apps, Facebook will build stronger ties with other online apps, and crank the advertising. At present, Facebook makes a large whack of its money from ads on the desktop version.

Of course, just the other day we heard that Facebook is set to launch its very own App Center, and it’ll include paid titles.

Incredibly, it took Facebook 18 months to produce an app for the iPad. The first generation iPad went on sale in April 2010, and the Facebook app followed in October 2011. Unbelievable.

via: Reuters

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